Mobile SEO and Google ranks

Jun 04, 2021

One of the focal points for online success is the look and feel of your mobile presence. The design of your mobile platform, UX is as important as its user interface UI and ensuring that your mobile content performs well should be your top focus for SEO in 2021.

For good mobile device success think user first, ease of use, intuitive and simple design would be a winner any day over complicated and clunky mobile experience. The mantra – keep it simple.

Your mobile site will determine your Google ranking as it will bypass your desktop site and rank your mobile content. So please ensure that your mobile content is easy to navigate and content is not hidden behind complicated menus.

It would be fine if your organisation has two sites, desktop and Mobile but please know that Google is ignoring your desktop site and will not rank them separately. Now may be a good time to migrate to a fully mobile responsive site.

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