Re-organise Your Digital Marketing to Re-engage with Your Audience

Jul 21, 2020

As the lockdown is gradually lifted and life slowly returns to normal, one question marketeers will have to answer: how do they re-engage with their audience in this new marketing landscape?

The pandemic has fundamentally changed the way business is done. And with new regulations and stipulations in play, organisations must find innovative ways to acquire, nurture, engage, and retain customers.

It is now imperative, even as a matter of business survival, for marketeers to consider new marketing strategies to help them reach and communicate more effectively with their target audience.

To this end, here are ways to re-organise your digital marketing for more effective communication with your audience post-covid lockdown.

Assess your business goals

Typically, you want to make sure your marketing messages align with the overall business objectives. Every effort and marketing campaign you implement will flow from the business goals.

The pandemic came with many changes, both in terms of the business environment and consumer behaviour. You may want to assess your business objectives against these new changes.

  • Are your business goals still relevant in the new environment you operate in?
  • Do your current marketing strategies align with the ‘new normal’?
  • Are your communication strategies appropriate for changing consumer behaviour?

Assessing and fine-tuning your business goals to reflect the new reality will not only enable you to prepare better for the new normal but also help you identify effective channels for reaching your customers.


Redistribute resources to digital marketing

The new business environment requires that businesses limit person-to-person interactions as much as possible. This means, certain marketing tactics, such as event hosting, tradeshows, and activities, are restricted for now.

So, how can marketeers engage with their audience, if in-person interactions are not allowed? The answer is digital and inbound marketing strategies. If there’s something we have learned during the lockdown, it is that digital channels are an essential addition to the marketing toolkit for businesses that want to survive and thrive during these unprecedented times.

A crucial question that needs an answer is: can customers easily find your business online?

As more people turn to the internet to research brands and find solutions to their needs, only businesses with an optimised and highly visible online presence will reap the benefits of the spike in traffic.

A couple of ways to position your business for a post-Covid era is to redirect resources towards inbound marketing strategies like search engine optimisation or SEO and pay per click (PPC) to build brand awareness and drive qualified leads for your offerings.

Audit your content strategy to reflect the new reality

At the heart of your inbound marketing strategies is content. While you may have had a content strategy in place before the lockdown, it is essential to review it to ensure it aligns with the new business environment.

A key thing to look out for when auditing your content strategy is to ensure you create content that aligns with prevailing consumer sentiments regarding the new normal.

Pay attention to your consumers. What do they expect from businesses like yours at these times? Be sure the content you produce provides answers to their questions.

Test, measure, and iterate

Finally, you will need to be able to test and iterate quickly as new data and trends emerge.

While it is the best business practice to measure and track consumer behaviour, it is vital during this pandemic as new trends are emerging almost daily.

The insights from tracking your target audience behaviour will enable you to make informed, data-driven decisions and see what is working and what is not with your marketing efforts.

Hope the above help you to effectively prepare your business for the ‘new normal’. Email us on if you would like to know more. Thank you.

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