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Display Advertising

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This is a much targeted form of advertising using rich media in the adverts that will appear on specific websites depending on the kind of visitors you are looking to communicate with and attract. Display advertising can also follow users from one site to another giving a longer life cycle for the advert.

Display advertising has a significant impact on brand awareness and, when combined with offline activity as well as PPC and SEO can further improve the volume and quality of traffic being driven to your site, as well as improve conversion rates.

Uniquely, display advertising can be incorporated with rich imagery, video and interactivity which make the advert more compelling than just the simple text based adverts associated with PPC campaigns. As a result, it acts as a major driver of traffic to your website which is targeted and produces sustainable results every month achieving excellent ROI.

Since all elements of online activities is seen as holistic, Digital Portfolios is able to integrate display advertising with other online campaigns thereby optimizing user experience, online reach and optimal results.

When embarking on a display campaign with our clients we:

  • Consult to confirm your requirements consistent with your brand personality and delivery
  • Identify sites and networks which are relevant to your campaign
  • Create compelling adverts to attract your required audience
  • Monitor the campaign with analytics so that we can give you an in depth and informative report to track the progress of your campaign to increase ROI and protect your margins.

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