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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
This is the practice of increasing the visibility of your website so that it appears as high as possible on the pages of Google. Every brand wants to be at least on page one of natural listings and this is understandable because a prominent position will mean more targeted visitors on your website ultimately resulting in a strong brand exposure and profitability.

Our Approach
At Digital portfolios we have a deep understanding on how search engines work, behave and what search engines are looking for when they are ranking websites.

This is a dynamic process because Google for instance are always making changes, subtle or otherwise, to the algorithms of search engines.

After understanding your business we focus on:

Keyword Analysis
Focuses on keywords that are important to your brand in your industry. We apply technology to analyse the rank and position of your keywords together with search volumes of the keywords in question. This gives an indication of the reach, visibility and competitor performance of your keywords. This is a good indicator on the performance of your keywords and their likely effects on targeted traffic and profitability.

Competitor Analysis
Comparing your site to your competitors is important in order to close the ranking gap between your site and theirs. We would examine the “health” of your SEO activities in terms of keywords, links and content relevancy. Optimising the relevant nodes of activities will mean that your website is relevant and targeted ensuring that you are not losing out to your competition.

Link Analysis
Link building is considered crucial in SEO marketing to maintain and enhance your websites position in the natural listings. It is not simply the case of just linking your website to other websites but using technology to identify sites which are most likely to drive traffic which is relevant to your site and therefore improves your site rankings.

We are able to produce link packages based on targeted partnerships and relevancy which would mean better results. We work with a full understanding of search engine algorithms delivering value and measurability.

We provide monthly reports which assess the impact of your SEO campaign. We focus on the progress of the campaign such as website position; the numbers of links built and assess the traffic sources from the keywords we are working with.

We ensure a full monitoring system which logs the progress of the campaign in the overall context of lead generation and profitability for your business.

For more information on our SEO service or to have a complimentary site audit please contact us on

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Search: Pay per Click (PPC)
PPC is probably the quickest way for a company to be visible on the internet through the various search engines. Essentially it is the practice of bidding for relevant searched keywords within your industry which would lead customers to your landing pages of your website offering the goods and services which you want to sell or promote.

Our Approach
Over time, paid search has become more and more competitive; bid prices for keywords have increased while customers have become more sophisticated. This has serious impact on ROI resulting in companies with little understanding of analytical matrix stopping PPC campaigns as being unviable.
At Digital Portfolios our PPC campaigns has a qualitative emphasis which means that ROI and profit margins are protected by analytical research. Our approach to PPC is reflected in this to deliver better results. We focus on:

Account and Keyword Management
Some brands have a multi channel presence whilst some just focus on online channels. Having brand consistency and message is important. After understanding the marketing activities of your business, we would set up and manage your PPC account to include:

  • Keyword research: to focus your campaign to bring targeted results and reduce wastage and overspend.
  • Creating Ad groups in order to maximise click through rates (CTR) and conversions.
  • Optimising equilibrium between quality score and chosen keywords to reduce cost per acquisition (CPA) and ultimately cost per sale (CPS).
  • Competitor Analysis which will help gain insight how your performance compares to your general advertiser category which will enable you to focus your expansion and optimisation efforts.
  • Day parting. Choosing what part of the day your campaign should be running depending on your customer behavioural patterns or which part of the day shows demand for your products or services.
  • Split testing different parts of your website to determine maximum conversion rates of your visitors.

Reporting and Monitoring
As with any marketing campaign, it is important to monitor and report on how well the campaign is performing. We provide a complete and comprehensive monthly reporting system which will help increase your ROI.

  • Tracking and monitoring your Ad Group Campaign to give you a better understanding of what is working best.
  • Monitoring the keywords giving details of click through rates (CTR). If you have a payment area on your site we can also track and report on the ads which lead the customers to your shop.

For more information on our PPC service or to have a complimentary site audit please contact us on

Digital Portfolios for 12 years had a dedicated digital marketing team that is now called Search Strategy, find them at They are part of Digital Portfolios and focus on Digital Marketing.

Search Strategy



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