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Social Media Marketing

Over recent years, online consumer dialogue has become more sophisticated. Consumers can easily express opinions on any subject easily and efficiently in near real time. Positive or negative sentiments about products, services and brands are expressed on blogs, forums, Facebook and twitter which may have implications for brand awareness, brand integrity and brand promotion.

The rapid rise of Facebook and twitter has really set the agenda in this social space which businesses can no longer afford to ignore.

As a holistic agency, Digital Portfolios are well positioned to harness the power of social media to add secondary revenue streams other than from your website.

Our Approach
From our research, we know that Facebook fans spend money on top marketing brands. They also show a level of brand loyalty and they recommend the product and service by word of mouth and through social media channels.

Our approach is based on how brands can engage effectively and intelligently in a way that actually works, that is, to maintain brand awareness, brand promotion and brand resonance. So, how do we deliver this?

We have three areas of focus forming the basis of our social media approach.

Monitor and Engage
Brand Reputation Management. We listen, monitor and record what is said about your company, brand, product or service. How your brand is perceived can be positive as well as negative. How a brand responses to this is important to maintain its market position and brand integrity. We are able to monitor this information to communicate and connect with customers to promote your business within online communities. We are therefore able to manage your reputation online by positioning your brand to take advantages of opportunities or deal with customer concerns.

Engage and Acquire
Management. We engage positively with the conversations with the view to acquire new customers or launch a new product or service.

Whether you want to ignite a social platform or whether you have a social presence, we can help. Our expertise can help bespoke Facebook and twitter platforms which are designed to engage and acquire customers consistent with your brand credentials. This includes:

  • Design and set up Facebook, Twitter, linkedIn and Youtube.
  • Target audience analysis and implementation via conversation, competition and videos.
  • Reporting on KPI’s and ROI
  • Monetising your campaign through social commerce.

Retain and Expand
Social Marketing. By optimising and producing compelling strategies and ideas about your brand, we grow online communities. This will increase engagement and loyalty, whilst attracting potential new customers.

We provide a robust system of communication and interacting with your target audience which are designed for lead generation. This includes:

  • Facebook advertising campaigns which would reach your targeted audience.
  • Connecting to respected blogging sites to ensure that your target audience is introduced to your brand by a trusted blogger within your industry sector.
  • Search optimisation of facebook, twitter and you tube.

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